Monday, September 6, 2010

Very long vacation re-cap

Day 1 - Natural Bridge Caverns: Texas' largest cavern. 180 feet down and 180 feet UP! It was dark and wet and when the guide mentioned that it was found after a collapse Victoria had an anxiety attack and it was all I could do to keep her from losing it. She was convinced she would slip, fall into a column, knock it over, and cause another collapse. Olivia thought it was the coolest thing ever and wanted to go back the next day. Mike and I took turns carrying Tomas and pump bag. Mostly Mike as it was a steep climb down and up and I had my hands full with the middle child! It was very neat though, but so much more humid than any other cavern we've been to.

Day 2 - Mission of San Antonio: We had planned on seeing all 5 missions this day but after the first one we nearly had to quit. It was hot, heat index of 108 and the first mission we went to was very sprawled out and involved a lot of outdoor walking. The girls started feeling ill and Tomas was whining like crazy when I finally convinced my husband that we needed to seek out air conditioner. We made tracks for the welcome center and all 3 kids were overheated and Tomas got pretty darn sick. I can't exactly pump him full of cold water the way I can the girls. I gave him an ounce of cold water through his tube and just kept splashing down his body. He also takes a medication that prevents him form regulating his body temp well so it was just a bad idea all around. The park ranger brought over some ice and we eventually got him cooled down. We hung out there for over an hour and the ranger was awesome. She took the girls through their junior ranger park guide so they could earn their badges. Finally, we decided it safe to go. The ranger told us that one of the missions was completely air conditioned so we gave it a go. So glad we did - it was beautiful. The really cool thing about the missions is that 4 out of the 5 are still operating parishes. It would be so awesome to go to mass there!

Day 3 - San Antonio Zoo: We had fun, but it was another really hot day. Thankfully there were enough air conditioned building to duck into and hang out in before dashing to another exhibit. Tomas slept a large part of the day - I think we drained him!

Day 4 - The Alamo: ANOTHER hot day, no A/C and no flash photography allowed inside. So not many pics, and not much to tell. We tried to walk along the riverwalk but the kids were having none of it. It was just too hot. These two pics crack me up because I almost always smile, and my husband and I almost always hold hands or he has his arm around me. But you would NEVER know it from these pics!

Day 5 - Sea World: It was fun and a bit cooler that day. The highlight was feeding and touching the dolphins. I am such a Disney snob thought that it is hard to compare. We enjoyed the shows and enjoyed a few rides, but what can I say, nobody does theme park like Disney!  That night back at the hotel they made s'mores, and had a huge projection screen out by the main pool for a flik and float! Mike kept Tomas up in the room and I stayed with the girls late into the night while they played water games and had a great time to finish off the trip.

Still to come....the trip home....

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Sorry about the Texas heat--it's tough!