Thursday, September 9, 2010

What will this day be like? I wonder....

Just watched The Sound of Music with my Girls last night (and fussy Tomas but he was too whiny to count). I love, love, love that movie. Every scene, every song, every thing.  The girls loved it too, and I'm glad because it would have caused a major rift if they didn't. The song stuck in my head as I did not go to sleep last night (whiny Tomas again) was "What will this day be like?"

Ha - God and that sense of humor!!! The day never started because yesterday never ended but I'm just going to insert an artificial page break at, oh, let's say around 6am. Whiny Tomas starts choking in his crib so up he comes and I settle him down but his nose and throat are full of snot. So I think I should go ahead and suction him. I hate doing it because he hates it so much and he usually ends up snottier than when we started because he's crying so much, but the crying usually helps to clear some stuff from his chest so I thought I would give it a shot.

Always trust your first instinct is the moral for today. I barely got that nasal tip in the edge of his nose and blood started gushing out. He was laying down and gagging on it. I sat him up and it just flooded out even more. Sputtering blood makes a huge mess. Poor Olivia was sleeping in my bed and it was at this point she woke up. The terror in her eyes was pitiful. I quickly explained that he was ok, it was just from his nose, but that we all needed to get dressed so we could take him in to the doctor.
It took about 20 mins for the bleeding to completely stop and I called the CBD (his hem/onc office) to make a lab appt. to get his platelets checked. While I was getting dressed the pediatrician called to check on him. He had called yesterday to get an update so he knew what was going on with the cold, so I filled him in on the bloody nose. He said if the labs came back normal and it wasn't a hematology issue to bring him in so he could examine him, and to call the ENT because he might want to put in a nasal trumpet (at least that is what I think he said - I can't wait to find out what it really is called) to keep his passages open and allow me to suction without the bleeding problems.
Well, the labs came back totally normal. Every single one of them. Really, that is a miracle that may get lost in what happens in the next few days so I really want to focus on it now. His labs were normal. His WBC was normal, platelets were normal, ANC was normal. Just wonderful, nothing going on there to make him bleed.
On to pediatrician! Drive through for lunch (yuck - none of us really likes fast food but sometimes it is unavoidable). Double ear infection and a raging sinus infection. Change up the antibiotics from the one the pulminologist put him on 2 days ago and if it doesn't improve by Saturday he needs to go in for IV antibiotics.
AND since we were there he wanted to go ahead and re-check Tomas liver enzymes from the last hospital stay. They are still elevated, high enough to cause him some  concern. He felt the liver and said it was enlarged even over the last time he had examined him (I think that was in early August). He asked when the GI had scheduled the liver ultrasound and I said I hadn't heard back from him yet. He said he would give him a call to discuss things. Low and behold, as we were driving home from a quick stop at Target (meds, milk and a new Barbie Victoria finally saved up enough for - gotta love Target) the phone rang and it was the imaging center wanting to schedule the ultrasound asap.
The nurse went over a few things for me and said, as we were getting ready to hang up, "Ok, now don't forget this is a fasting study - he'll need to fast from midnight on."
Hold the phone sister - fast from midnight? - can't happen, he can't go more than 3 hours lately. She told me all about how they need the stomach to be empty and that the gallbladder needs to be not moving bile, blah, blah, blah. Ok, couple of things, 1. he is fed into his intestines so his stomach will be empty, 2. he does not have a gallbladder, and 3. he CAN NOT go without food for more than a few hours.
She was actually very nice and when I told her Tomas had no gallbladder she said happily, "Oh, GREAT!". I laughed because it was the first uspide to not having one. She is just going to check with the radiologist tomorrow to see how he wants to proceed, but the scan is set for Monday morning at 8am.
Also, while we were in Target the ENT nurse called back to get all the details and said she would run everything by the ENT tomorrow, but that he is only in for half a day in the morning so to be prepared to run Tomas down there in the morning if he wants to do anything. You know Maxine from the Hallmark cards? The wise-cracking old lady? Well, I can just picture something like a scene from one of those cards tomorrow morning. Bathrobe loosely tied on, curlers in hair, coffee cup in hand, and the phone rings and I have 15 minutes to be someplace that takes 40 minutes to get to on a good day. Just my take on it.
So that is what the day brought.
It also brought continued appreciation for how lovely and calm vacation was. and a wee bit of guilt about having Tomas out and about all week where he surely caught whatever bug he has. It is a balancing act for sure, bubble boy or living life. I have to try to find a happy medium or this is going to be a very, very, long winter.
And just in case you are wondering, I an not wondering what tomorrow will be like.


  1. Ugh. Again. Hope tomorrow is leaps and bounds better :)

  2. I kind of feel the same way about synagis. Of course Jax didn't get it last year because it would have been his 5th year, but he had the flu shot, H1N1, and a pnuemonia shot, and he still ended up in PICU on the vent for 10 days. I think our kids are just doomed when they get sick. It worries me a bunch that we couldn't get to EE in the summer. Now I have to worry more about Jax getting sick while I'm gone!

  3. I'm simply speechless. I think I'll just stick to praying!
    Love and hugs!