Sunday, September 5, 2010

We do vacation up right!

We had a fabulous time. I am glad I have been married to my husband for longer than I haven't because otherwise I might have killed him (seeing as I don't believe in divorce, murder is the only real alternative, but I have learned to live with and laugh at his neurosis). Typically, he can do about 72 hours of family togetherness without getting stressed, so that left us with 4 days of me walking the fine line between his whining and the kids whining. We once took a 9 day vacation and by day 8 I sat on the edge of the hotel bed and wept like a baby, so I now limit our vacation to 7 days max, and my world is a much happier place.

As usual, we start our vacation the night before we leave by relaxing and just hanging out together. We did that out back this year since the weather was perfect.

Being Silly

What's this Harry Potter all about anyway?

Next day we arrived at our hotel. My husband gets many many many reward points for all the travel he does so we stayed at an awesome hotel. It had it's own water park with a lazy river and 3 water slides as well as a large pool, a splash pool for little ones, and an adult only pool (which I realized I will probably be dead by the time I am able to use that one again!). It was fantastic and we could have spent the entire week just hanging out at the hotel. They had activities for the kids, an arcade, and a Starbucks for mommy.
The view from our balcony:
The girls in front of one of the slides:
The main pool:
Tomas loving the baby water slide:

But we ventured out anyway. More to follow...


  1. Haha - my hubby only lasts 24 hrs on vacay! We just drove 7 hours {each way} last week to stay a total of 38 hours on vacation! He thought it was perfect. {and then his feelings got totally hurt when I suggested next time we go to the lake that's only an hour drive away if we're only staying one day}

  2. OH that's it, always leave them wanting more!!!

    Looks beautiful!!!!!

  3. What a beautiful hotel! where was this?