Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ding, Ding, Ding - We Have a Winner (or should I say culprit?)

The pulminologist said he was pulling in just a tiny bit on the right side, but nothing major and not to change up his meds unless it progressed. She also wants another swallow study since it has been over 6 months since the last one.
BUT, on the way home my husband called and said the pediatrician's nurse called the house and said Tomas' nasal culture came back and he has HIV and to start the script for antibiotics that the doctor gave me the other day.

At least that was what I heard.

Since he was being so calm I was pretty damned sure he didn't really mean HIV, plus I doubt that Augmenten could fix THAT. So I asked if he was sure that was what the nurse said.

Him - long sigh..."yes honey, he has H-I-B, human influenza something something and use the augmentin, he has the flu."
Me - deep breath out and quick nod to God for the letters V and B sounding so alike "But hon, if it is the flu how is an antibiotic going to help?"

This was one too many questions for the man and he said he needed to go back to work and for me to call when I got home. Now here is the really funny part (I tell you he is so LUCKY he cracks me up)
I called the Dr and when the receptionist answered I told her who I was and that the nurse left a message with my husband but that he was not the best relayer of information in the world and she goes "Oh, sure - just a minute" As if saying, "Well of course he isn't sweetheart, haven't met one yet who is."
Turns out Tomas is growing H. Influenzae BACTERIA, not a flu, not a virus, hence the antibiotic. It is pretty much a sinus infection, but their are different types of that bacteria and depending on which one you have determines how sick you get. Tomas never got too sick so hopefully with a few doses of antibiotics it will turn around fast for him. As for my husband, he reached the point of no return a long time ago, but I love him anyway.


  1. First of all....just saw the comment you left on Kristen's blog....that was a beautiful comment and so true. We always want "one more" miracle but sometimes forget to rejoice in all the miracles we have already received. I just wanted to tell you how touched I was by what you wrote on there. Also, I am SO GLAD that Tomas doesn't have HIV....you definitely got me for a second!!! It is so nice to know that you have a culprit so you know how to treat it. As for the husband ordeal....just have him do what my husband does..he doesn't answer the home phone at all. His friends and work all call his cell anyway and the answering machine leaves a much better message than he can ever remember anyway. Try it....you will like it!!

  2. OK, first of all I listened to Denise and went to read the comment you left for Polly. Much more eloquent than mine.

    we're not married to the same guy leading a double life,are we? Too funny, what a difference a letter makes.

  3. Had me there with the HIV! Way too funny...from an "after the point" point of view!

  4. Wow you scared me for the first couple of lines. I was like WHAT?? So glad it is not a V. Hope the antibiotics do the trick.

  5. That entire post cracked me up.I didn't buy into the HIV at first ...'cuz I'm thinking, if only a nose culture could detect that,wouldn't that be nice?But the rest of the post .. hysterical.Except the bacteria infection.Boo on that.Hope it clears up quick.

  6. Well, at least you have the answer, and it's not HIV - funny.