Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So the pulminologist called this morning...

I had about five minutes left before heading out for a GI appt. and the phone rings and it is the pulm. nurse. We have a pretty chatty relationship but all she said this morning was, "Mrs. Hernandez, can you please hold, Dr. so and so would like to speak to you." ALL know what that means. I was packing up Tomas' pump and backpack and figuring how many cc's of formula he would need to be gone for the day. Ounces are so a thing of the past in my house. Actually, in my house ounces never happened. It was nursing on demand or now this - ml's and cc's and short division in your head when somebody gives you medical orders in teaspoons or tablespoons as you silently chuckle at the script on the medicine bottle that reads "Give 1/2 tsp BY MOUTH twice daily". Anyway, I digress...
So I was busy with the packing and trying really hard to pay attention to both the task at hand and what the Dr. was saying and making sure my girls had on decent clothing and semi-brushed hair, and had brushed their teeth, and when, oh when, did this get so complicated?
She said he does have more infiltration in his lungs and she is sure he is still aspirating. A few posts back I gave a big hooray for a clean x-ray and no aspiration. Well here's my big BOOOO for more aspiration, grrr... She wants to add another med to dry up his lungs (again) but said there is no pneumonia. Well I sure as heck hope not! This also makes the second time that the radiologist from this particular imaging center gave my son's films an "all clear" when they were not. The only reason I went back after the first time is they are so darned convenient and quick. Bye, bye to you...
At the GI appt. I went over the dying spell Tomas had yesterday morning. I gave him his bolus feed, as I have been doing since Friday, but shortly after it was finished he started sputtering and gagging and then went limp in my arms. I vented him and let his food out and he recovered fine. I, however, still have the urge to crawl in the corner and suck my thumb. I hate those stupid spells, and live in fear of them almost constantly, especially since we are back to putting food in his stomach. Anyway, the GI re-arranged the feeding schedule and restated that it may be too many calories for Tomas and that is his body's way of rejecting them. He also asked if I thought to test Tomas' blood sugar during the episode. Umm, no, I was a little occupied. But that is what he wants me to do the next time it happens. Please note, he did not say "if" he said when. Ugghhh....
Olivia has been saving her allowance and with her recent birthday she got pushed over the amount she needed to buy an American Girl Doll she has been wanting for some time. So, since we were already halfway to Dallas we finished on and got her doll. If you have young girls and are ever in the DFW area, it is like Nirvana for them, but make sure all the grandparents give them money or you'll be broke! Digressing again, I know.
After the store I was changing Tomas' diaper and noticed that one of his incisions has a pea-sized blister on it, and it is filled with green puss. Just great, the surgery is a month old and NOW you are going to get an infection. So a call the the pediatrician and we have just enough time to grab some lunch before the appt. Once we get to the office and I take of his shirt I noticed the blister popped. Noooooo.  Why such a bad thing you ask? Well now the Dr. can't swab it. So she sent me home with the swab stick and said if it fills again just to collect a sample and bring it back. In the meantime, just put some antibiotic cream on it. The liquid antibiotics he's on do not work great for skin infections so we have to wait and see what it is before we can treat it.

Ohh, and by the way, she said his rash is "non-specific". Hah,hah,hah,hah,hah,hah.......


  1. Holy crud - what a day. I hope you're laughing to prevent a lot of crying!

  2. You never disappoint with a post.Just so sorry you have so much material to work with.Boo,boo,boo right along with you on the x-ray results, as well as the less then stellar read the first time around.Frustrating to say the least.Wish I had some words to the wise for you but I don't,well maybe nothing except this:Keep that amazing sense of humor.The journey through days like these are more than able to be shouldered with it rather than without it.And,I say repeating my favorite Mother Teresa quote over and over again, couldn't hurt either:"I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much."
    — Mother Teresa

  3. Wow. That is a crazy day. I was hoping for better news. Aspiration and the infection in one day. You need a break. Hugs Just keep thinking and saying...better days ahead.

  4. Oh what a crazy day! You need chocolate!

  5. Well now, that sure was one heck of a day:( This too shall pass.......tomorrow is right around the corner:) And I hope it's a BETTER one!!!

  6. Praying Starbucks and Godiva your way!! Seriously ENOUGH ALREADY!! Has the other Doctor ever pointed out to this Radiology group how terrible they are?! Just think if you weren't such an attentive awsome Mom! God knew what he was doing when he blessed Tomas with you! I would pray for dull and boring but I'm a Brown and you know what that means! Mike had afib again tonight but normalized after a digoxin pill and a boatload of aspirin. Well girl you have my prayers and ear if you need it :)