Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still home (yah!)

Tomas is hanging in there. He has been running 99.7-100 every day, but that is still low enough to keep him home. One of his lower incisions blistered and pussed up. This is 2 months after the surgery and the second incision to get a small infection. That all just makes me think that whatever is going on with his blood is not over, but darned if the doctors can find it. He has a few other minor things going on but not enough to make me want to go to the Drs office again. He has a follow up hem/onc appt. on Thursday and a few important test results should be in by then. I have been trying to dig out the laundry room as 10 days of no one doing the wash can get pretty impressive.
I've been spending time with the girls and leaving Tomas at home as much as Mike is able to watch him. Yesterday I did take him to Bath and Body works with us and sure enough a sweet woman came over and oohed and ahhed and then touched his head (ok) and then his hand (not ok). It is so hard, I can't figure out how to stop the movement without doing a quick yell to get the person's attention. Since I am ok with people talking to him or even touching his head it gets really weird to try to interrupt if they start to cross a line they have no idea even exists.  I have a sign on his stroller that says "Stop, please wash your hands before touching mine.", but some people are just oblivious. The alternative is to tell them to please not touch at all and then I have to go into an explanation of why. And just for kicks Victoria woke up sniffling, sneezing and coughing this morning. Really, unless we put him in a bubble it is just not a game we can win.
Please pray for my father in law, he is having quadruple bypass surgery on Tuesday. They only found out last week that he even had a blockage so this has come at them VERY fast and my MIL is a wreck.


  1. Yeah for still home.Sending prayers for Tomas and the rest of the crew,as well as your father-in-law.

    I so get the hands thing.I am not as crazy about it since treatment is over.Although it is not as if she has a rock'n ANC today but just not as paranoid.i found myself just asking them not to touch her hands and if I couldn't get to them quick enough,I had that hand sanitizer out in a nanosecond!Good thing she is not a hand chewer and good thing she forgets she has a left hand! ... gotta keep my humor about things,don't I?

  2. Glad the boy is still home!! but something must be up, you're right. i do prat that the docs get an answer soon. i can only imagine how frustrating this is for you.

    on a lighter note, what do you mean by bring tissues??? i'm going for a good laugh NOT a good cry!!! tell me Woody is happy in the end!!!


  3. AND, prayers for your father in law!!!

  4. Glad he is doing okay. Do you think the slight fever is from the infection? I hope that he get's better. Maybe you can put something on the cut. Or the dr.s could suggest something. Maybe doing a natural antibiotic to help fight the infection. You made me laugh about the hand washing. I am a fanatic about it. Everyone knows not to touch him on the hands without sanitizing. Then today we were at the park for a festival and guess who forget's the sanitizer? All the kid's came running up to him and I had no sanitizer. I almost had an anxiety attach. He He. Lot's of love and praying for your father in law. Hugs.

  5. I use to hang a bottle of sanitizer from the stroller canopy so it hung down right in Max's line of view (or others' view of him) with a large (hand made) no touching sign. Still, some people didn't see it. You just have to re-sanitize his hands/face/whatever after people touch. Hope you get some answers soon, and get to keep staying home.