Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On a whim

I used to jump in the car with the girls and head wherever my heart took us for the day. Sometimes even overnight since Mike travelled so much. That was pretty much quashed with the addition of someone special to our lives. Except for today.
I took him to pedi this morning and he had a bit of news but wasn't really able to decipher it for me. I have a feeling tomorrow's visit will be a long one, but we shall see. As we were driving home, I had this HUGE tug to go out into the world today. So we ran home packed up enough formula for Tomas and were off. I took them to a local amusement park I've been wanting to take them to forever. Since the weather was pretty decent today (low 90's instead of low 100's, hah!) and the small one was NOT nuetropenic yesterday, I gave in to the tug.
I promise I will post tomorrow but for now just enjoy the pictures:

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