Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ER today, Pedi tommorrow, Hem/Onc on Thursday...answers anyone?

I had to take the little man to ER this morning because he spiked a temp overnight, but his ANC is quite good so he got to come home. Honestly though, this whole "we don't know what's wrong with him" is draining me more than anything else we've dealt with so far. I really hope something turns up soon. If my husband tells me "That's why they call it PRACTICING medicine" one more time I may have to kill him, and then what would that do to my immortal soul? I would NEVER get all my questions answered!
Oh, and Stephanie - I told you so!


  1. So wish I had them for you.Praying that answers come soon, to put your worried heart to rest.

  2. Ugh, so frustrating! Praying for answers soon!

  3. hi,

    just letting everyone on my bloglist now that i have a new site now- http://mylittlecheekymonkeys.blogspot.com/. the site henry's mommie will no longer be in use. everything has been transferred over to my new site!! hope to see you there.


    thinking of you guys.....