Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is what happens when you kick boxes that you have sent to China...

You wake up the next morning to your baby with a lump on his neck.
I changed his diaper and brought him into bed with my husband and I for some snuggles and I looked at him and saw it.
"Honey, there's a lump on his neck!"
"Where, I don't see a lump."
"It's right there (pointing)."
"oh, well, what do you think it is?"
"Are you kidding me, how long have we been doing this - I think it's cancer babe. Until he is 5 and his risk goes back to normal I think anything that goes wrong with Tomas is cancer. Then when the doctors tell me it is not cancer I am a happy person."
At this point he looks at me like I've completely lost my mind, but he loves me anyway.
So I called the pediatrician and asked if it could be just from whatever else he has going on or if I needed to take him in. Of course they want to see him, so I bring him in for the second time this week.
The doctor said it is a swollen lymph node and that he also has several up under his chin. But the more pressing issue is why is he still running a fever and why are his lymph nodes now infected since we thought we had found the culprit with the whole HIV/HIB bacteria. That bacteria is responsive to the antibiotic he's on so it can't be that causing the trouble.
He called the infectious disease doctors down at the children's hospital and they are going to call me Monday with an appt. In the meantime they wanted the pedi to do a CBC, blood culture, urine culture and a Tuberculosis test. That is not for your standard TB, apparently there is a strain of TB you can get from being in the hospital.
So Tomas got cathed yesterday, but the nurses couldn't get any fluid out. So then they did the TB test, which is an injection of something under the skin with a needle, then he had to go to the lab for the culture and CBC. Since the nurses could not get any urine they sent me home with a clean catch bag and cup. I've never had any luck with the bags, they always spill all over the diaper. So last night I sat with the cup and waited for him to pee. Yup, and can you guess how long it took? You've all heard the stories (or lived the stories) about baby boys and once their diaper comes off and they feel the cold air. Not so. One HOUR later he peed. True.
All in all though he was doing rather well. Until this morning, when he woke up and I went to get him out of the crib and he was HOT. REALLY HOT. A temp of 103 hot, and lethargic, and just all around not happy. This makes 13 straight days of a fever, but it was the first time it went over 100.4. So off the the peds again (3 times now) and the doctor said she would switch his antibiotics to see if that would do it, but if by Monday he is still running a temp he would need to go to the hospital for a viral study. His CBC from yesterday came back and it is slightly indicative of a virus, but nothing jumps out. Good news on that front is his platelets DID bounce back up. Love those bounces up (see it's not cancer!).
His urine showed a small amount of blood in it and some ketones so she is sending it out for a culture, which should be back on Monday. The blood culture should also be back as well, and that is when they will read the TB test.  So, Monday morning it is!


  1. Holy crap - you can't get a break. So sorry you're dealing with all this 'unknown' stuff. Hugs thru the computer!

  2. I'm curious to hear what kind of virus they tell you it is. Poor baby. You know, if they tell you it is "one in a million", go buy that lottery ticket! LOL

    Don't worry too much about the TB. Had it done myself...came back positive...couple of tests later...I'm told I'm ONLY a carrier. Whatever! (The needle under the skin was kind of gross looking in the eyes of a third grader.)

  3. Cry uncle now.I will for you but have got to warn you,doesn't seem as if I have much of a pull ... Zoey has her 3rd breakout of MRSA in a month.Seriously.Enough.