Sunday, July 12, 2009


I had my last appointment with the high risk doctors today and the baby looks great. They have schedule my c-section for Jan. 28, and are waiting to confirm with the surgeon for the operation on the 30th. Some potential good news is that my fluid levels have gone way down which could mean the baby is processing some of the fluid. That would mean that maybe his intestinal blockage is not complete and he would not need the full blown surgery and just some lesser procedure. We will have to wait until he is born and the hospital can do some dye x-rays to be sure, but keep those prayers coming! That's really all for now, just trying to finalize the logistics of where to stay and how long and etc.. I really do love all the phone calls and emails and prayers that everyone keeps sending. YOU ARE NOT BOTHERING ME! and you know who you all are! The girls are fine and we are all in final prep mode. I am finding it incredibly hard not to nest since we are moving in 3 months, so I have to find other ways to entertain myself. p.s. - Mike has finally decided on a name!!!! Tomas Gregorio (Thomas Gregory for all the rest of us). I really like it but of course Victoria has to put her 2 cents in and has decided she is going to call him "Little T" - I don't think so!

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