Sunday, July 12, 2009


I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and are having a great New Year's Eve. We had a lovely Christmas and a very nice visit with our family. Mike's Aunt is still with us which has turned into a great blessing. Yesterday I went in for my standard non-stress test at the hospital (I go every Tues. and Fri.) They monitor the baby's heart rate and movement and also uterine contractions. Well, the baby was fine but I was having contractions every 5-7 min. So they kept me and monitored me until last night, when they gave me a shot of medicine to stop the contractions and sent me home. During the day yesterday in order to check my status the doctor in Melbourne ordered a Biophysical profile on the baby (basically a timed ultrasound were they have to catch the baby doing certain things). He didn't pass his breathing test, so my specialist OB in Orlando ordered another one today at Winnie Palmer. Mike took me and the baby failed the breathing part again. Before you all think it is something horrible, they are practice breathing motions that all babies do to get their lungs ready for birth. We have caught our baby doing it before and all the doctors feel that we are just missing the timing of it during the last two tests. His heart rate is great and his movement is all over the place thanks to the extra room he has from all the fluid I'm carrying. So all in all the doctors are quite pleased with him. I was still contracting all night and day today and they again kept me at the hospital this time in Orlando. They let me go after they checked me and monitored me for a while. They gave me some pills to take to relax my uterus so hopefully that will work. The doctor said it could either be false labor or my body trying really hard to go into labor. So basically, 2 days of contractions 5-7 minutes apart, 2 full days at 2 hospitals, 1 healthy baby and 1 exhausted mommy.

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