Sunday, July 12, 2009


We have all settled in nicely and are loving on our new little man. He has decided it is much nicer to be held than to stay in those yucky isolettes all day, but that is ok by me. He eats well and sleeps well and is trying really really hard to hold up that big head. He is more awake and more alert every day and we are all enjoying it tremendously. His health has remained somewhat stable. The leukemia has begun to resolve (as promised) but is wreaking havoc as it leaves. His red blood cell count is pretty low and he may need a transfusion on Tuesday if his labs don't come up by then. His infection fighting white blood cell count is still pretty low so we are more or less under house arrest. He also has the liver disease but hopefully we should find out what that is by the end of March. In the meantime he takes medicine around the clock to keep his body flushing the bilirubin. He also needs a thyroid medication and a special vitamin supplement since his liver isn't breaking down fats to be used by his body. It sounds like a lot but I have a pretty good routine going, and Olivia and Victoria are really great helpers. I thank God for all of you and am so grateful for the peace that He has wrapped me in. All of your emails, phone calls, gifts, visits, dinners and cards are really very uplifting. I have even received cards from people we don't know who are praying for this baby. It is truly one of the amazing things that Tomas has brought to our lives - the ability to witness people being so good. What a lesson you all have taught us!

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