Sunday, July 12, 2009


Just a quick note to say that all is going rather well. Tomas needed another transfusion on Tuesday but even with that he has been doing great. I think he is finally starting to put on some weight and thankfully he only has 2 doctor visits this week. I've actually got a new routine down and we are rolling right along and I don't think get too frazzled (at least not more than with a regular baby). We have started going places again which has made a big difference for everyone. I promise I will get thank you cards out sometime soon. I am so grateful to everyone who has sent their love and prayers our way. I absolutely know that God allows trials and tribulation to come our way so that we can have an opportunity to shine. Just think of all the good and kind things you all have said or done that would have gone unsaid and undone without this baby. I've attached a few pictures. The one in the doggie outfit was from before this last hospital stay and the rest are from just a few days ago. You can really see how much healthier he looks.

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