Sunday, July 12, 2009


Just and update to let you how things are going. His recovery is going well, although he has had some setbacks along the way. He has been breathing on his own for close to a week now, one of the holes in heart has closed (2 remain), his pic line was removed yesterday and he is feeding reasonably well. His platelet count is dropping but at a much slower pace then before so the hematologist is waiting to see if that works itself out before intervening. The leukemia the doctors found is a transient type associated with Down syndrome and should resolve itself in a few months. However, it puts him at a greater risk (1 in 3) of developing an acute leukemia by the time he's three. Also, he now has some issues with his liver and gall bladder (not sure what yet). It is one of those two steps forward one step back situations. I continue to pray for the ability to find joy in doing God's will and have been blessed to find solace and comfort every time I need it. I started reading a book from Mother Angelica before all this happened (haven't had time to finish it yet) and one line from it keeps repeating in my head. "Faith shows itself in darkness." Not only my faith but the faith of those around me have lit my path and shown me the way. Thank you all so much for praying for us - you can't possibly know how much it means to me. As crazy as it sounds everyone here is holding up well. I will send news and pictures when I get them.

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