Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My family has been so blessed by this baby. I like to joke and say that we sin a whole lot less than we used to. Our sense of compassion and mercy has been so magnified by having Tomas here. We are often surrounded by really sick kids and really strong families and I think my girls are so lucky that they get to see and live the glory that can come from self-sacrifice. A few mornings ago Victoria asked if we could have another baby, and another and another. I asked if it would be ok if we had another baby with Down Syndrome. She said "sure". I was just amazed. After everything that has changed in her life, everything that she has given up, all the hours and hours and hours in the car, at doctor's offices, and at hospitals that she would be willing to do it again just blew me away. This is why God calls us to be like little children. She did not see what she was missing out on. She was enjoying her smiling, laughing, playful baby brother and wanted it to last forever.

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