Sunday, July 12, 2009


He is doing very well! He has gained a bunch of weight and now is up to 10lbs 4oz. His liver is functioning perfectly and he has been taken off all his liver meds (so much less work for me). He has started to smile (picture Dopey from Snow White - too cute!) The hole in the top of his heart has closed an the bottom one should not ever be a problem for him. The remaining issues are his Transient Leukemia - his hemoglobin is low and bordering on another transfusion - and the vein that is in the wrong place by his heart. The cardiologists would like to do an MRI (which requires anesthesia ), however we are going to wait until we get to Texas. Yes, it's finally happened. We sold our house and are closing on a new one in Melissa, TX (about 1 hour outside Dallas). We are moving on May 6th. Yikes! Tomorrow Tomas has another Hematology appt. and he might have to see a pulmonologist because his breathing has become more labored than normal, and he has had an outbreak of a rash that can mean his leukemia is flaring up, so we shall see... As always I strive to trust in the Lord. The psalm that came to mind the moment I found out the baby had Down Syndrome for sure was "Be still and know that I am God". I focus on that scripture everyday and put everything I have into letting God guide me. Sometimes I buck but to no avail...Oh well , I'll keep you all posted

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